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Personal Injury Attorneys at Law

Serving Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and Surrounding Areas

Accidents are a stressful occurrence, no matter how small or large the accident is Reinfeld Cabrera Tison Law Firm is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of highly skilled Coral Springs Accident Attorneys are available anytime day or night to answer your questions. Servicing all areas of Broward County with two offices located in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, we are committed to giving you the full compensation you deserve. Just give us a call at 954-334-1520 and a Coral Springs Accident Attorney will be on the other line to care for all your needs.


When it comes to selecting a law firm to represent you for your personal injury needs we know that you have many options to choose from. REINFELD CABRERA TISON prides itself on being a full service Personal Injury Law Firm.

What is full service? Full service means that we will work on your case from beginning to end. Your case will not be referred out to a lawyer you have never met and will not be settled less than full value leaving you with piles of medical bills left to pay.

Free Consultation

We do not charge an hourly rate for our service and work on a contingency basis only. That means that if we do not win your case you owe us nothing.

Our personalized approach is simple. When setting up an appointment for your personal injury matter, you will received a free consultation with a Coral Springs personal injury attorney from our firm who will remain your attorney throughout the case. The attorney you select to meet with can meet you at our office in Coral Springs or Fort Lauderdale. Additionally, we offer the convenient option of home visits where our attorneys will come to your home at the time of your choosing. Once you have selected your attorney, you will be provided personalized service by that attorney and not be pushed around to associate attorneys who have no knowledge of your case. Our service is so unique that you are given your attorney’s cellphone number so you are free to call or text them anytime. This approach completely eliminates the frustration of being unable to speak with your attorney, which tends to occur at other firms.

REINFELD CABRERA TISON also utilizes the latest technology and software to keep your case moving expeditiously and keeps support staff fully informed about your case. With this 21st Century approach, should the attorney in charge of your case be unable to answer your call due to dispositions, court appearances or other matters, the call will be forwarded to their support staff who can digitally access your case file and provide your with an update or an answer to your question immediately.

Settlement Negotiations and Trial (If Necessary)

Research has shown that clients injured due to the negligence of others tend to recover three times more money in damages when represented by an attorney than when they are not. This is true because insurance carriers and defendants tend to offer less than full value of claims to unrepresented parties because there is no fear of a pending trial. Lower than full value offers can also occur for clients that select firms with no reputation of trial ability because the defendants do not feel threatened enough by the possibly of a costly trial process. At REINFELD CABRERA TISON we are trial lawyers, we have cases set for trial monthly and are known by defendants for fully litigating claims. When attempting to settle your claim and negotiating with defendants, we will try to settle for full value. However, if fair value of the claim is not being offered, we will not accept the settlement just to end the case and move on to the next. Every single case is important to us, therefore our trial lawyers will file a law suit and take the defendants to court to get you the compensation you deserve. With REINFELD CABRERA TISON you never need to worry that your case is being settled for less than you should be receiving. We will fight until the end for you.

Settlement Distributions and Medical Expenses

When receiving a settlement offer, it is important to note that the offer is inclusive of attorney fees, costs and medical expenses. Unfortunately, a lot of firms do not advise clients of this fact and provide unreasonable hopes of recovery. Often times you will see billboards or advertisements from firms stating that a client received an excess of $800,000 settlement, however, in small illegible print it will state “settlement total before attorney’s fees, costs, and medical expenses.” Which often leads to minimal recovery by the client.

At REINFELD CABRERA TISON we take a different approach to settlement offers and distributions. When provided a settlement offer by the Defendants, we will provide our client with the dollar amount they will receive a check for after any expenses. This allows you to make an educated decision whether or not to accept the settlement, since you will know exactly how much money you will be receiving.

We take this approach a little further and even provide medical expense reduction service. If any of your medical expenses are still outstanding because they were not paid by insurance by the time and the case settles, we will work with that medical provider to reduce or even waive that outstanding bill so your recovery actually increases from the dollar amount quoted above.

That’s the REINFELD CABRERA TISON difference. Personalized service, maximum recovery for every case.

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